4.1.2 Maintenance





  • The maintenance of the Clubhouse is undertaken at working bees. WKC Inc. members are advised of the date and time  of working bees.

  • A fully equipped kitchen is provided for club members. Cleaning equipment and materials are stored in a cupboard under the kitchen sink. The kitchen area requires all cups, and cutlery to be washed, dried and put away in the cupboard after use.

  • The broom is stored beside the cupboard and members should give the floor a sweep if grass or dirt has blown into the clubhouse.

  • Club members should take responsibility that the club house is left in a tidy state.

  • Safety guidelines are followed. A fire extinguisher is positioned next to the door at the entrance of the club house. First Aid kit is provided. Lights are to assist with safety. Water is for hygiene purposes.

  • Reporting of any  damage to club building should be made to current  WKC Inc. committee member.