6.2.2 Recreational info



Recreational  Information


General Paddling


  • Requirement to hold a  current membership with WKC Inc.  Membership fee applies.

  • WKC Inc.  members  have experience and are multi-skilled in paddling  a variety of kayaks/canoes.

  • WKC Inc. members paddle Merri River-Dennington, Hopkins River-Warrnambool and  Southern Ocean-Warrnambool.

  • Members have a choice to use a variety of club kayaks/canoes. Paddlers  often try  several types of kayaks/canoes- suitable for flatwater and sea paddling.  The paddler will then  decide the craft which is best suited to their paddling style, skills, ability, fitness level and recreation time available.

  • Marathon Recreational paddling is a distance 5 km and over.

  • Members gradually build up the distance paddled, skills and speed as their fitness improves.

  • Social members can participate in marathon paddling.

  • WKC Inc. club paddling experience is enjoyable for novice to elite paddlers.

  • Organized paddles are notified to members by email.