Merri River



Merri River



  • Warrnambool Kayak Club is on the banks of the Merri River, Dennington.

  • The Merri River flows through the city of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

  • Merri River is named after aboriginal word for “rocky”.

  • The Spring Creek-Merri River system is the major waterway of this sub-catchment within the Hopkins Basin.

  • Formed by the confluence of the Spring Creek and Drysdale Creek, the Merri River rises below Bushfield. Merri River  flows generally south joined by two minor tributaries before reaching its mouth and emptying into Stingray Bay, part of the Southern Ocean.

  • The Merri River descends 29 metres (95ft) over its 31-kilometre (19 mi) course.

  • Warrnambool City Council acts as the waterway manager under  delegation from Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) who ultimately make the final decision in amending waterway rules and other matter. There is Marine Safety Act 2010.