5.2.7 Spray Decks-Specifications



Spray Decks-Specifications


  • A kayak/canoe spray deck protects the paddler from the wind and rain.

  • A spray deck is made of lightweight waterproof fabric.

  • The spray deck is placed around the paddlers waist. The spray deck top has a drawstring adjustable at the paddlers waist. The kayak/canoe paddler then sits in their kayak/canoe. The spray deck bottom has an elastic drawstring. The paddler  then  fits the spray deck to the back of the cockpit behind the seat and then fits the spray deck to the front of the kayak/canoe cockpit.   The spray deck bottom is fitted with a webbing release handle at the front of the kayak/canoe cockpit.

  • The paddler releases the spray deck from the kayak/canoe cockpit by pulling the webbing release handle.