6.1.2 Marathon info



Marathon Information


Competitive Discipline

Requirement for paddlers to  have current membership with WKC Inc. (membership fee applies) and current membership with Australian and Canoeing Victoria (membership fee applies).

The National Championships distances paddled are raced over approximately 38-42 kilometres.

  • Athletes are competing in racing kayaks and racing canoes:

International Level:     World Championship (Classes K1, K2,  C1 and C2)

Australian Level:          Australian Championships (Classes K1, K2,  C1 and C2)


 The Victorian Championships distances paddled are raced over approximately 24-32 kilometres.

  • Athletes are competing in racing kayaks, racing canoes and touring kayaks.

State Level:                    Victorian Championships (Classes K1, K2,  C1, C2, TK1 and TK2).

                                          Club points system applies.


The State distances paddled are raced over approximately 8, 16 and 24 kilometres.

Local:                               Warrnambool Kayak Club Inc. 2015 Marathon Race (Singles)


Kayaks and Canoes must be compliant to the class being entered.

Dedicated paddlers participate in both Marathon and Sprint races. These athletes train, paddle and compete all year. The Merri River is suitable for on-water marathon training.

Canoeing Victoria  Marathon Diary is available electronically for viewing and to download.



General Paddling

WKC Inc.

  • Requirement to hold a  current membership with WKC Inc. Membership fee applies.

  • Social members can participate in marathon paddling (5km and over).

  • Enjoyable paddling experience for novices through to elite paddlers.

  • It’s a great day out.

  • Organized paddles are notified to members by email.



YMCA Murray Marathon

  • WKC Inc. members enjoy the challenge of paddling on the Murray River. WKC Inc. members have participated in this event.

  • This event is one of the world’s longest paddling races covering a distance of 404km over five days.

  • Starting at Yarrawonga and finishing at Swan Hill, it’s the longest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

  • Paddlers enjoy the experiencing Australia’s natural environment and the Murray region.

  • Membership  of kayak or canoe club  to enter is not applicable. Entry fee applies.

  • YMCA Murray Marathon specify the classes and craft specifications applicable to this event.

  • The Murray Marathon  is  great endurance training for members who wish to be competitive marathon paddlers.

  • A Land Crew is required for this event.